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  • Specify your venue location on your invitations (the Barn Building or the Gardens Building) and to all Vendors.
  • Your Vendors are welcome here at Willow Lake Event Center!
  • All visits to WLEC must be scheduled by appointment. Please call us, we go to great lengths to try to accommodate your schedule and needs.
  • It’s a very good idea to provide various means of reply for RSVP (Email, Text, E-Vites, Phone Call, Facebook Event Invite, or create a Wedding Web Site).
  • Your rehearsal is for 1 HOUR (schedule your rehearsal time as soon as possible). Rehearsals are scheduled back to back with other rehearsals on Thursday. It is important to be prompt, as well as end on time. For a rehearsal dinner, there is an extra charge and are scheduled Monday-Wednesday. We suggest for those having a large number of out of town guests coming, to rent the Venue for two days. You get 15% off the second day. Please call for rehearsal pricing.
  • Please note that weddings and receptions are priced per event rather than hourly. Please contact us for pricing.
  • On the day of Event: Make 2 directional signs with your Names and directional arrow to your Venue, the first one at the entrance, and the second one where the road forks leading to each venue.
  • For large events (over 150), we highly suggest having two or three parking attendants to assist your guests in parking for optimal space.
  • Inform your guests of the no beer bottle policy. Be careful not to over serve alcohol. In the event a guest does over drink, take their KEYS; they can come the next morning by 9 am to retrieve their vehicle(s).
  • Have a microphone for the ceremony — sound tends to gets lost with outside weddings.
  • Come out often to familiarize yourself with your venue and map out your seating plan (please call first to assure there are no scheduled events). Call us anytime for any question, we are here to help. After hours: 817-694-5237 (Kelley).
  • Order your tablecloths etc., early to assure you get the ones you want. Please set an appointment for one on one planning.
  • Set up an email account specifically for wedding information only. This cuts out floods of advertising to your personal account.
  • “Friend” Willow Lake Gardens and “Like” our Willow Lake Event Center Page on Facebook to see pics of recent events. We would love to see your pics posted, too!
  • Our Venues are “Do It Yourself.” However, set-up is available for a fee. Sorry, breakdowns not available.

Things provided for your event:

  • Hand towels; Hand Soap in bathroom; Toilet Tissue; Trash cans with liners plus additional liners in the kitchen; Dish detergent; Paper Towels in the kitchen & a broom and dust pan next to refrigerator.

When exiting after your event:

  • Please dispose of ice in sinks or parking lot (not on plants, grass areas or near doors/walkways).
  • Please dispose of grease and food juices in the trash cans. Do not dump grease and food juices in the sinks or outside, please.
  • All Furniture must be returned inside at the end of your event. Dance floor must be cleared of all debris.
  • Leave all items rented from WLEC inside the facility.
  • ALL DECORATIONS, FOOD, ETC., MUST BE REMOVED THE NIGHT OF EVENT. You have from 12 am until 2 am.
  • Please turn off ALL LIGHTS (inside and outside). Please shut all doors (including bathrooms, dressing room, and the balcony).

Events other than weddings and wedding receptions:

  • Hourly rentals are available for birthday, company and anniversary parties. Availability is limited. Please inquire for details.


Have questions not answered on this page? Please use our Contact Form.

WLEC reserves the right to request any party, individual or vendor to leave the
premises if violations of this policy are abused or neglected.

  • Please, NO FIREWORKS or SPARKLERS (however, glow sticks are fine). In addition, we must prohibit SILLY STRING, POPPERS, CONFETTI (either paper or glitter), RICE, and SIDEWALK CHALK.
  • NO GLASS BEER BOTTLES and the LIKE (cans, plastic bottles, kegs, and margarita machines are OK). Wine bottles and liquor bottles must be kept inside the building or at a serving station outside. Please keep in mind, your guests are your responsibility.
  • NO NAILS or SCREWS in wood. NO LIVE CANDLES, EXCEPT FOR THE UNITY. When using HOT GLUE, please protect the surface you are working on.
  • CHILDREN are NOT permitted to be near the Lake (both at the GARDENS and BARN venues), or be on the Dam (at the BARN VENUE) at anytime without an ADULT. No Rock Throwing!!! NO INDIVIDUALS ARE ALLOWED to climb, walk or play on retaining walls, be in the rose gardens, on the waterfall area or be in the creek bottom (at the GARDENS venue). The property across the dam at the Barn Venue is private property — NO TRESPASSING.
  • Contract signer is responsible for all damages to WLEC during time of Venue Rental.

3220 Mineral Wells Hwy. • Weatherford, TX 76088
(817) 599-3407 • willowlakegardens@yahoo.com

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